Add --enable-sharedlibs=kind to configure.



Output effects

Adds --enable-sharedlibs=kind to the command line. If this is enabled, then based on the value of kind, programs are selected for the names CC_SHL and CC_LINK_SHL that configure will substitute for in Makefile.ins. These symbols are generated by simplemake when shared library support is selected.

Supported values of kind include :

Use gcc to create both shared objects and libraries
The same as --disable-sharedlibs

Others will be added as experience dictates. Likely names are + libtool - For general GNU libtool . linux-pgcc - For Portland group under Linux - solaris-cc - For Solaris C compiler


Shared libraries are only partially implemented. Additional symbols will probably be defined, including symbols to specify how shared library search paths are specified and how shared library names are set.