Determine the size in bytes of a Fortran type



Output Effect

Sets SIZEOF_F77_uctype to the size if bytes of type. If type is unknown, the size is set to 0. If cross-compiling, the value cross-size is used (it may be a variable) For example PAC_PROG_F77_CHECK_SIZEOF(real) defines SIZEOF_F77_REAL to 4 on most systems. The variable pac_cv_sizeof_f77_<type> (e.g., pac_cv_sizeof_f77_real) is also set to the size of the type. If the corresponding variable is already set, that value is used. If the name has an * in it (e.g., integer*4), the defined name replaces that with an underscore (e.g., SIZEOF_F77_INTEGER_4).


If the cross-size argument is not given, autoconf will issue an error message. You can use 0 to specify undetermined.