Paul Eller
 Hassan Eslami
 Samah Karim
 Tarun Prabhu

Fast Solution of PDEs in Reservoir Simulation

Interested in using high performance computing to solve differential equations in real-world problems? Want to learn more about achieving high performance in parallel application codes? This project, working with a major company in the oil industry, has two major parts. The first is to develop faster implementations of the current methods for parallel systems with 100-1000 nodes and 1000-10,000 cores, using a mix of MPI and OpenMP (thread) programming. We are exploring a combination of new data structures for sparse matrices and hybrid parallel programming models. The second is to develop better methods for solving the linear systems of equations that arise from the PDEs used in reservoir simulation. Here we are exploring the use of recent developments in multigrid methods.

We are looking for one or two graduate students interested in a research assistantship to work on this project, starting immediately.

Contact: Bill Gropp or Luke Olson.

Computer Science Department University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign