Errata for `Using Advanced MPI'

The formula in the computation for the number of neighbors in Conway's Game of Life has an error in it. The second term on the third line should be u[i-1][j]. That is, the computation is

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Thanks to Yang Shangqin.

Section 8.2 (Pages 243ff.)
This is not exactly an errata, but the section describes several of the functions for working with MPI_Count, but omits one of the most important, MPI_Get_elements_x, the MPI_Count counterpart of MPI_Get_elements. This routine is described on page 113 in the MPI 3.1 standard.

This is not exactly an errata, but the book was published before the MPI_T_pvar_get_index and MPI_T_cvar_get_index routines were officially adopted by the MPI Forum into MPI. Until those routines become part of MPI, it is necessary to search through all defined control or performance varibles by index to find the index that matches a name. Code for that is available on the web site, in the examples for the chapter ``Support for Performance and Correctness Debugging.''

Figure 10.2, on the right, has MPI_Int where it should have MPI_Init (MPI_Init_thread would also be correct there). The figure should be:

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and is available for download as advmpi-spawn.pdf .

Thanks to Jeff Hammond.